There are a lot of small and big businesses out there that can help you with your projects, but not all of them are approved vendors for the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Even if you’re taking on a private project in the area, working with an established company that’s been approved by the state DOT can help put you at ease.

Keep reading to learn more about what being approved by the DOT means and why you should choose to work with a company like Pro Blast Technology, that’s met the approval of the state.

Preparation and Installation of Complex Paint Systems

At Pro Blast Technology, we are an approved vendor of the Minnesota Department of Transportation for the proper preparation and installation of complex paint systems.

This approval allows us to work on any type of steel projects the DOT may have, including bridges.

Qualifying for DOT-Approved Status

The process to qualify for DOT-approved status is not a simple one. In all cases, businesses are required to submit applications, file affidavits and go through a review and auditing process.

At Pro Blast Technology, our quality management system was updated to state standards and it is approximately 100 pages long. It encompasses everything from the temperature at which primer and paint are applied to certificates of analysis from the manufacturers for all paints and thinners used, etc.

Qualifying for DOT-approved status took approximately a year and a half and cost our company thousands of dollars, but we believe the certification was well worth the time, effort and expense and that having it reflects well on our business.

Only experienced and qualified companies are given DOT approval and we are very proud to be one of them.

Why Hire a DOT-Approved Company?

By hiring a business that can follow state laws to the letter to receive a DOT certification, you can be confident that the company pays attention to every detail of the job to get it done right, the first time. Pro Blast Technology is just such a company.

Pro Blast Technology

We invite you to contact Pro Blast Technology, Inc. to learn more about our approved status with the Minnesota Department of Transportation and how we can help you with your projects. Pro Blast Technology is always at the ready to assist you with a variety of projects in a safe, efficient, environmentally-responsible manner.