Garnet Sand Blasting

Garnet, an industrial gem stone, is a type of sand blasting media used in both dry and wet sand blasting applications. Garnet has been nicknamed “the invisible media” because a little bit of it can go a long way. Garnet has a variety of benefits for use in sand blasting projects including:

  • It is a very hard abrasive. This makes it a cost effective material to use because it has a long lifeline.
  • Highly reclaimable. Garnet can be recycled multiple times, some sizes more than others. 
  • Environmentally friendly. Garnet blasting is often done on structures near bodies of water because it is not a contamination hazard. It is safe and non-toxic, possessing very low silica levels. 
  • Low dust residue. Because garnet is so dense, it generates almost no dust, making it a clean and fast blast media.

When to use Garnet Sand Blasting

Garnet blasting is used in a variety of different projects and comes in four different mesh sizes. 

Common uses for garnet blasting are:

  • Wood restoration. When deployed at a lower pressure, garnet actually bounces off surfaces instead of cutting into them. This makes it capable of removing dust, contaminants or crusts without damaging the integrity of the wood.
  • Statue/Stone Building/Brick restoration.
  • Industrial paint and coating removal.
  • Coating preparation. Garnet leaves a profile that is almost completely devoid of embedments, troughs, or peaks left on the surface, making it ideal for priming surfaces before painting.

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