Commercial Painting Services

After the surface is properly prepared, our painting service is a natural complement to complete your project. We understand the science behind today’s high performance coatings, so we can:

  • Analyze your coating needs
  • Prepare the surface
  • Apply the correct coating

Pro Blast Technology, Inc. has some of the largest paint booths in Northern Minnesota allowing us the ability to produce “factory” finishes year round.  We also have the ability to paint outdoors in all temperature ranges.

We have three paint booths, #1 is 18’ tall X 18’wide X 60’ long, #2 is 14’ tall X 24’ wide X 40’ long, #3 is 14′ tall x 24′ wide x 91′ long, for all types of applications.  Both booths have baking capabilities which can help to cure a finish faster, allowing for faster recoat times and faster turnaround times.  They also incorporate Electro-static spray guns which “wrap” the paint around irregular surfaces to ensure consistent application and that coverage is applied to all surfaces and into every nook and cranny of the part.

The use of electro-static systems also significantly reduces overspray and subsequently reduces the amount of paint required as compared to traditional spray guns.  More paint is “attracted” to the parts or components being sprayed.

Proper coating selection and application on structural steel or pipe is asset management.  We review your specifications or create a specification based on the type of service and/or environment your project needs.  This allows us to properly prepare and install the right coating for the right service.

Refinishing heavy equipment prolongs its lifespan and enhances its resale value.    We apply finishes to heavy equipment that rival those that came directly from the factory. A “factory fresh” look can be achieved with proper surface preparation and the application of paint and decals.

We believe that surface prep and cleaning is the key to a truly beautiful and lasting finish.  We will never cut corners with it comes to the preparation of a paint job.