Aluminum Oxide Blasting

Blasting media serves a variety of functions including cleaning, stripping, strengthening and polishing surfaces – primarily metal. Abrasive media is generally inexpensive, reusable and cleans better than traditional methods. There is a variety of media choices available – from glass beads to grit to walnut shells. The choice of media depends on the type of work to be done and the equipment on hand, as well as grit or mesh size. One of the most common types of media used in blasting is aluminum oxide.

What is aluminum oxide blasting?

Touted as the most widely-used abrasive media in blasting services and surface preparation, aluminum oxide is a long-lasting and very sharp blasting abrasive that can be recycled many times. It has a lot of longevity for a relatively low cost.

Aluminum oxide is most commonly used for intensive blasting on some of the hardest metals and surfaces due to its ability to smooth and penetrate even the toughest metals. It is known for the superior hardness and strength of the grains, as well as low heat retention.

Aluminum oxide blasting is used in a wide range of applications including, but not limited to:

  • Paint stripping 
  • Grinding 
  • Deburring 
  • Refractories 
  • Buffing compounds 
  • Etching 

Aside from surface preparation, aluminum oxide is also used in bonding applications which can create slip-free surfaces, making it a preferred industrial choice to ensure slip-free walkways and avoid slipping accidents.

Pro Blast Technology

Pro Blast Technology offers a variety of blasting services , including glass bead blasting and aluminum oxide blasting – both at our facility or on-site with our mobile services. Serving the Northern and Central Minnesota areas as well as Northern Wisconsin, we have a fully-trained staff ready to answer any questions you have about surface preparation and provide free, custom quotes for your projects.