Steel Shot and Grit Blasting

The most widely used application for stripping, cleaning and improving metal surfaces is steel shot blasting or steel grit blasting. This is a process in which abrasive particles (steel shot or grit) are propelled using compressed air, liquid, vapor or mechanical projection in order to clean or modify the surface.

Steel grit is also widely used for special finishes – because although the steel grit is softer than its aluminum oxide counterpart, it creates an etched surface on which it is easy for paint to adhere.

Steel shot is also used in the peening process – the round shape of the shot leaves a smooth, polished finish. Because it is so dense and hard, steel shot blasting has a fast blast rate and can be re-used anywhere from 100 to 3,000 times before needing replacement (depending on the type of projects). Another big advantage to steel shot blasting is minimal dust created in the shot blasting process.

Choosing your blasting media

Careful selection of the type of media to use in a blasting project is very important. Steel shot has a rounded, uniform shape, whereas steel grit is heated and crushed shot pellets that result in angular particles. Both steel grit and steel shot come in a variety of the grades or sizes. The type or size of the shot will ultimately determine the finish.

For example, if you choose the smaller steel shot size range, it produces a smoother and more polished surface. Meanwhile, a larger shot size, while cleaning more aggressively, will produce a rougher finished surface. Steel shot also possesses a natural uniform particle size, whether large or small – which provides consistent coverage and surface finish. 

The Pro Blast Way

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